Stepping into the World of Others

The opportunity to have a cathartic moment is one of the things I look forward to in our routinary Sunday bonding.

This is not a formal counseling or psychotherapy session for I don’t have any rights to do so, but it is rather a spontaneous and authentic moment of a friend who initiated to present his genuinity (and to have an almost stolen shot to capture a rare moment not using our smartphones but actually talking with each other lolol jk). I only took a chance to apply theoretical concepts bounded in its practical use to improve relational connections without taking advantage of his humanity.


It is, as to what I can describe, as a transcending experience for the learned theories that I have gained to translate itself to operate in a natural phenomenon and to listen, not to the facade of the person who is talking, but to the inner conflicted person that could make you feel trust being invested to you – and for me, as a friend and not as any assumed professional role.

I have appreciated more the humanistic and existential approach applied in the practicality of life and in this chance, to listen to my best friend who seems to be a person that I have met for the first time. I felt more of a human just as much as he was, and this shared experiential relief I think is what Carl Rogers said to be as the result of giving Unconditional Positive Regard, but in this sense, occuring not in the bounds of a mere counseling/psychotherapy session (for which mentioned reason above, I couldn’t claim to be) but in a long forth established friendship.

I have never appreciated “more” the friendship we have established with each other (not just my bestfriend and I, but our barkadahan as a whole). I am proud to say that our late night bondings are not spent in drunkeness but spent in a coffee shop ( Seattle’s Best all the way!haha!!) and fastfood restaurants in catharsis talks about life without taking out importance of humor from time to time

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