Voices of the Past


Negative words spoken in childhood coming from significant people in their lives affect the present patent of behavior in adulthood. There are still those who unconsciously live with the voices of their past.

Childhood is the most fragile period in an individual’s psychological development. It is said that our mind is a blank slate, upon the time of birth. Theoretically speaking, whatever is written in this slate by words or actions, it is registered to be the foundation of behavior that that will echo any good or bad examples presented to us by the people who should reinforce us in our childhood as we age.

Speak words of encouragement to empower a sound mind. A sound mind will manifest positive words and actions as a certain individual progresses in life.

Many chances if not generally, how we behave at the present is a retrieval of essential deposits that were invested in us by people who were in-charge of filling-out our blank slates.

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