I am NOT my Past

Whatever has happened to you doesn’t have to dictate who you are.

Abuse, neglect, abandonment, heartbreak, betrayal, addiction, etc – we all have the choice whether we let it define us, or let us be the one to define what has happened to us, to make it as an essential experience to be better than what the discouraging voice of the past is saying who we are.


Who you are is what you choose to become. No matter how difficult, painful and miserable you have been through. What has happened to you is different from your identity. Do not let what you have been through become a baggage in your being. Let life’s metamorphosis take over your will to transform you to have wings to transcend in life.

You are no longer the ugly, fat kid that they used to call. You are no longer that pitiful child that stays in the corner while you receive the whips of painful words. You are not lacking of anything that a wonderful person is made of that’s why people abandoned you and broke your heart. You are not the useless one in your family. You are no longer the one who always makes mistakes. You no longer have to hold on to alcohol nor any substances to drown pain.

Choose to be not what others told you in the past to become but what your inner self tells you to rise up!


Our lives can tell a beautiful story, like a caterpillar who once crawled on the ground then transforms into something beautiful with wings, leaving the identity it once knew, to become what is called, a “butterfly.”

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