Mental Illness? It’s all in your Head!

e3da65a4698600dc5e9622f025c43364Having a mental disorder is not just an “it’s all in the mind” kind of shallow reasoning people give to an individual who is suffering with one, no matter how ironic that statement may be.

Sadly, many are unaware of how damaging their so-called “advice” to someone whose pain they have never felt. The stigma grows in an individual going through with such, thinking that they may be too weak not to overcome such a seemingly simple thing to overcome for others. So, they would rather hide it than to seek help.


It was just like telling to someone who has cancer to eat healthy and it will go away. The difference between physiological and psychological distress is that you can never see what is going on in the mind of a person who is having some mental disturbances.

Statements like “Think positive”, “Do something productive”, “Just think that someone is suffering more than you are”, “You need to get out more”, “Happiness is a choice”, “Snap out of it, will you?” and even “Have you been praying/reading the Bible?” clearly doesn’t do any good for a person who had been robbed from their will to experience pleasant feelings coming from a deep wound of the past that couldn’t just be “kicked out.”img-thing

There is a great need to educate people to instill sensitivity in them not just considering about what will measure up to what they “think” is good for the person but to be “discerning” about what will meet the need of a person who is empty and lost.

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