I Think about Death Everyday

a2725087369_2Death is a universal truth. We will all die one day. No one is an exemption as it roll calls people to be invited in an everlasting sleep. People respond in various ways when the topic of life’s finiteness comes out from one’s mouth.

Is it possible to speak life by speaking about death to someone? I can give you an absolute YES to that without any hesitation. In my case, there has never been a day that I never thought about death. Is it a suicidal ideation? Absolutely NO! Is it a morbid preoccupation? NOT necessarily. Is it a paradoxical thought of life that could bring the real essence of life by contemplating death? A big YES!

Here I start my non-suicide note to all who wants to find life in death.

My being has lusted after the luscious tempt of what existentialism offers to me. A philosophical concept that could be applied as a psychological therapeutic process to aid life’s emptiness and an enlightenment to a seemingly nihilistic background of an existential thought.


There are 2 responses that people could respond by bringing up the topic of death: “Neurotic Anxiety” and “Normal Anxiety.” People often deny and refute the topics connected with death in an attempt to escape the anxiety that is connected with the uncertainty that comes when life gives your last breath as an offering to death. It is with neurotic anxiety that many people respond towards it. It could manifest by maladaptively resolving conflicts with neglection, alcohol, drugs, abuse, promiscuous sex, and the likes. These forms of escape and denial kills the being of a person despite that breath-giving life is still present in them. Rollo May addressed this as “Nothingness/Non-being.” To simply put his brilliant concept, it is possible that people die inside while they are still physically living. It is a point in someone’s life wherein, they have never lived life at all.

Have you ever been to a point in your life wherein all good things that you do seem to end up in a black hole of pointlessness? Even to the point that it is better to try different vices and experiences that will fill the missing spaces in your pointless world? Well, you are not the only one.


So, how do we respond to death in a sense that it will give us life? Acceptance is the answer. To accept and to vividly know our finiteness is the answer to move away from killing the life in you through nothingness. You wouldn’t just sleep around and do nothing if you know that a very important work, project or assignment is lurking around unfinished and is due tomorrow? If your answer to that question is something that is the opposite of the expected response to how we should normally respond, then, your thoughts may be wired in some neurotic tendencies to neglect and prolong the anxiety that causes non-being. The point here is, if you know that someday you will die, you won’t waste time for things that takes the life out of you but rather spend it in a very productive way making normal anxiety as your step to transcend from life that is meant for nothingness. Make death a motivation to live a life full of accomplishments, productivity, and even self-actualization.

Being open-minded about this fact makes us empowered to live the only life given to us by a Supreme Deity to experience how we are going to live it as it is in heaven. Our present life must reflect the life we want to live for eternity not the other way around. Many people just realize how much things they could’ve done when they are on their death bed or when the doctor sentenced them to live for few years, months, or even, days. Why is that? It is because the only time they have seen the importance of life is when they realized they are actually dying. It doesn’t have to be this way.


We can live to the fullest by realizing we are finite beings. By thinking so, we will be able to treat every second of our lives as precious. We can give this life a one shot to try something that will improve the quality of our lives as beings gifted with breath that sustain the life in us. Most importantly, a chance to immortalize our legacy in this mortal world by activating potentials that will benefit not just one but the whole world.

Don’t just live and die.
But, live, die and then, re-live your life’s legacy by actually living in the moment.

So, how have you lived your life so far?

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