The Relationship that Echoes in the Future


Psychoanalytically speaking, this could be true.

Family is the core of the values formation and psychological well-being of a child. It is the ink that starts to fill out our “blank slate” or “tabula rasa” in our minds. Our being at the present reflects the values that were installed in our behavior by our parents.

The “standard” of how we build a lasting relationship with someone is like using the deposited values our parents has invested in us.


In my own view basing it on the concept of Psychoanalysis, many young people nowadays jump from one relationship to another because there had been insufficient deposit that were passed on to them by their parents. They couldn’t find in them the standards established by the mother or the father along the way of their own relationship in the family. That’s why they unconsciously look for something that will fill in to what has never been filled by the people who are supposedly be the supplier of such values and relationship intimacy.

If a certain person will not be filled in with essential values by the core people in his/her life that will set the path of how they should be, external factors will be the one to fill them with different things that will eventually lead to confusion and destruction of their being.


I may not have children yet, but one thing that I want to establish in my future children is that when they grow up and when the right time that they have to look for their long term partners has come, I will make sure that they will be able to pull up values that will make them want to reflect characters of their mother/father to their potential partners, for being so loving and faithful in the relationship that was established in the family during their childhood.

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