Be Mental Health Conscious

I have never heard or seen anyone who has been so open about what they are doing to ameliorate their mental health. Wouldn’t it be nice if people would take pictures of themselves going about their way to do something that matters for their psychological well being in the same way they take selfies upon hitting the gym?

172624372_640Well, the problem is that many people don’t recognize the need for psychological assessment to ensure mental health, thinking that it is just for those who are “disturbed.” But what we don’t know is that we experience a low level intensity and frequency symptom of every full blown mental disorder. Just like how we experience colds (that could also be a symptom from an even more serious disease) – the only difference is that we easily recognize the presence of a physiological illness and get treatment for it in a snap, but when we feel depressed, anxious, confused, raged and other seemingly “simple disturbances”, we tend to ignore it. Many fail to recognize the arising need to be mental health conscious.

I think the key in experiencing total health starts with having a good mental health.

The “stigma” that is connectedadYQYgj_700b_v2 with mental health issues is what keeps many people from seeking help. That’s why when a certain mental disorder gets diagnosed,  the person has already come to a point of impairment (meaning, the disorder is on the severe level), has harmed others or even became a threat to themselves. Whereas, it could have been prevented only if people are educated enough about maintaining psychological health.


If I’ll have my own children, I will not just align them to the best pediatrician but also to the most competent psychologist. We focus so much on the physiological health nowadays and neglect the psychological aspect of our being. Health is an equilibrium of biological, psychological and social factors.

I got reminded of a brilliant saying by one of the psychiatrists in the seminar that I attended in the National Center for Mental Health few months ago that goes, “There’s NO health WITHOUT mental health.”

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