Past, Present, Future (A Reflective Writing on Human’s Concept of Time)

01251527b5b9eef92aa7be15661da831.713x1000x1I was having random thoughts a while ago while preparing to go to work. And one of the things I pondered on is about how a lot of people (including myself) overly use the phrase “Someday I will be…”, talking about the future they would want to see themselves into.

“What really is future?” I asked myself. Is it the years from now on how our life will be?

As I perked myself up, I suddenly thought of what routines I have finished,.. is doing,.. and what I have to do next. Then, I realized the thin line between the past, present and the future.

People sometimes live in mediocrity settling in their minds that the future is still far off. In fact, future is just so near that it seems nothing, even a strand of a hair separates us from it . It is a result of an accomplished present task of anything we do to proceed to the next step. As you move reading this sentence, you have moved up to the future…and as you read this line, you are currently passing through the present,… and every words you have finished reading, has been a part of the past. Future is not just the big change that we expect on how cars will be modified to have wings and turn into a flying vehicle nor how we expect our life to have a big turn from our present situation.


Past is not just how long something had happened. Present is not just what we are doing now. Future is not just the seemingly “far-from-the-present” life that we see  ourselves to be.  Past, present, and future are interrelated and synchronized in every second, minute and hour – in short, it is intertwined within the timeline of our life. Upon meditating on these vivid details of the 3 dimensions of time, I have stumbled upon a realization that if people would have a firm conception of this concept, then they would not just settle on the “someday I will be…” thoughts. But rather, do something that actually matters knowing that future is not far away. It is just the split second you move to another task! It is the next step you are about to take while walking or just as close as the next word you are about to say.


At this point, allow me to amplify Shia Labeouf’s short motivational speech  “Just Do It” ( in relation with the concept of time, hoping that my message will create a personification effect as I deliver my last few words. If you haven’t watch the video I linked above, I suggest you should watch it first. And then, take that image of Shia speaking into your mind with a booming voice that pumped up veins showing through his neck as you read the remaining words in my blog.

How far of a future do we see our dreams before they even have to be fulfilled? Time is so rapid that we see ourselves in the past as if it just happened yesterday. It’s been a popular thought to say,”Do something now that will matter to your future”, and yes, I holler my “amen” to that. Let’s not place our dreams sleeping in the future waiting to be awakened. Wake it up yourself now!

Funny how a simple thought branching out from my routine rooted into a deeper philosophical concept. My point in these long thoughts of mine expressed in writing, is something that speaks to me and maybe, to some of the people out there – and this is the statement that goes, – “I am fulfilling what I want to be…now!”


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